Date: Friday, May 3, 2019

San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101

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 Session I Surgical Scenarios: Managing DMEK Disasters and Other Cornea CatastrophesModerators John Berdahl, MD and Audrey Talley Rostov, MD
8:00 AM Welcome 
8:05 AMDMEK Disaster Pravin Vaddavalli, MD
  Panel Discussion 
8:17AM DMEK Dances Neda Shamie, MD
  Panel Discussion  
8:27AM S.O.S. Save Our Stroma or Scarred for Life Speaker Leela Raju, MD
  Panel Discussion  
  Repairing Refractive Complications Karolinne Rocha, MD
  Panel Discussion 
8:47AM Cornea CatastropheBrandon Ayres, MD
  Panel Discussion  
8:57AM Treatment for TransplantZaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD
  Panel Discussion 
9:07AM Keratoconus ConundrumBrandon Baartman, MD
  Panel Discussion 
9:17AM DALK DebacleSumitra Khandelwal, MD
  Panel Discussion 
9:35-9:50AM BREAK 
Session II Smoke or Fire? Moderators Francis Mah, MD and Elmer Tu, MD
  Section 1: Inflammatory Eye Disease 
9:50AM Welcome 
9:55AM "New and Old Approaches to New and Old Approaches to Immunosuppression of the Ocular Surface "Nisha Acharya, MD
Panel Discussion 
10:15AM Case Presentations:  
  ScleritisSanjay Kedhar, MD
  Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis  Victor Perez, MD
  Corneal melt Esen Akpek, MD
  HZO/HSV Stromal Keratitis Helen Wu, MD
  Section 2: Infectious Eye Disease 
10:50AM When Fluoroquinolones Fail: Diagnostic Approach to Atypical Corneal Infections  Sonal Tuli, MD
  Panel Discussion 
  Corneal Ulcer( Surgical Management)  Christopher Rapuano, MD
  Resistant Bacterial Keratitis Ana Luisa Hofling-Lima, MD
  Fungal Keratitis ( post –surgical or de novo) Denise de Freitas, MD
  Recalcitrant HSV or HZV Keratitis* James Chodosh, MD
  Parasitic Keratitis Jod Mehta, MD
  Collagen Crosslinking*  Clara Chan, MD
  Session III Advances and What's Trending in Ocular SurfaceModerators Marjan Farid, MD and Shahzad Mian, MD
  Section 1: Understanding DED 
12:40PM Welcome 
12:45PM Corneal neuropathic pain:  
  - How do you diagnose it?Anat Galor, MD
  - How do you treat it?Deborah Jacobs, MD
12:56PM Diagnostic imaging for dry eye disease:  Is it worth the cost? John Sheppard, MD
1:02PM Dry eye Algorithms -- Where do you start? 
  DEWS 2 – Update on what’s new in definition and diagnosisDimitri Azar, MD
  CEDARS protocol – Where do we start with diagnostics and treatmentMark Milner, MD
  ASCRS CCC protocol – Algorithm for quick in-office approach and what to do with the refractive patientTerry Kim, MD
  Section 2: New Treatments in DED 
1:26PM Featured Lecture: Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation for Treatment of Dry Eye Disease: Dry Eye Assessment and Management Study (DREAM©)Penny Asbell, MD
1:41PM Anti-inflammatories -- What do we know and what's coming? Amy Lin, MD
1:48PM Nasal neurostimulation -- Does this really work? Arturo Chayet, MD
1:54PM Office based treatments for MGD – What really works? Preeya Gupta, MD
  Section 3: Surgical Advances in Ocular Surface Disease 
2:02PM Autologous limbal stem cell transplantation – SLETNamrata Sharma, MD
2:08PM Corneal Neurotonization procedure:  Does it work? Christopher Hood, MD
2:14PM Ex-vivo expansion of limbal stem cells:  Achievable reality? Ali Djalilian, MD
2:20PM Featured Lecture:  Artificial corneal transplantation: What’s the future? Edward Holland, MD
2:35-2:50PM BREAK 
  Session IV~ THE GREAT DEBATEModerators Ken Beckman, MD and Elizabeth Yeu, MD
2:50PM Welcome 
2:55PM Cornea Crosslinking in 2018: Which age is too young or old to treat? Do eyes have to demonstrate progression for treatment? What combination treatments are out there? John Kanellopoulos, MD
  Panel Discussion Ronato Ambrosio, MD, Katy Hatch, MD, Raj Rajpal, MD, Doyle Stulting, MD
3:16PM Cataract Surgery and the Ectasia Patient: Evaluation of patient- should CXL be performed? William B. Trattler, MD
  Panel DiscussionRonato Ambrosio, MD, Katy Hatch, MD, John Kanellopous, MD, Raj Rajpal, MD, Doyle Stulting, MD
3:37PM ATIOLs and the Abnormal Cornea: Management considerations for DED/ABMD/SNDNicole Fram, MD
  Panel DiscussionJessica Ciralsky, MD, Jodi Luchs, MD, Keith Walter, MD, Bill Wiley, MD
3:58PM Endothelial Disease and the Cataract: Management considerations for the patient with Fuchs' and CataractBarry Lee, MD
  Panel DiscussionWinston Chamberlain, MD, Kathy Colby, MD, Rajesh Fogla, MD, Frank Price, MD
4:20PM Audience Response Questions 
4:30 PM Program Concludes